• Elizabeth Soucek was able to do something that everyone said was almost impossible. I as the dad was awarded custody of my daughter. Elizabeth told me when I was wrong and told me plenty of times what I didn’t want to hear! It took a year and a half but in just two days it was all over and I got everything I ask for and then some. The biggest factor is that I live in Georgia and I was able to do it all by email and phone calls with only 3 visits to Delaware and that’s including the court days. My daughter and I will never forget the opportunity in life that we will have because of Elizabeth.

    Terry McDerment |
  • I went through a divorce 3 years ago that included obtaining 50/50 custody of my daughter. Elizabeth Soucek was my attorney and I just can’t say enough good things about her. The whole process took over a year and she was absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend her. She was so supportive and every piece of advice she gave me made the difference in seeing my daughter every other weekend or seeing her 50% of the time. I will always be so thankful for her efforts on my behalf.

    Jared Miller |
  • We recommend her for legal advice.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We have known Mrs. Deirdre McCartney for many years and are pleased to have her as our attorney. We moved to Delaware in 2005 which required us to change many of our legal documents. With her guidance, and familiarity with the different state laws, we were able to create our medical power of attorney, financial and durable power of attorney documents.

    In addition to estate planning questions Mrs. McCartney always makes herself available to answer legal questions regarding tenant/landlord laws. In a recent emergency medical situation, Mrs. McCartney was able to respond to us by faxing a Medical Power of Attorney for my mother. I was at the hospital and had no way of obtaining it other than through her office which was more helpful that imagined.

    Mrs. McCartney has always been very responsive, and available to us. She gives us the pros and cons of our thoughts, guiding us to the answer that best suites our personal needs.

    We recommend anyone to her for legal advice, and as a matter of fact she has helped several of our friends with tenant issues and estate issues. My mother also choose her as here attorney.


    Teri and Ray

    Teri and Ray |
  • Deirdre was invaluable

    Deirdre was invaluable in helping our organization incorporate and successfully file for 501c3 tax exempt status. Coming up with bylaws for the first time and being clear, while compliant, about our mission and budget with a short timeline seemed daunting to our team. We were very overwhelmed. Deirdre walked us through the process and made it very easy for us to get started right away. Throughout the process, she answered our questions no matter how trivial. I truly appreciated how direct and straight to the point she was, especially considering we wanted to submit the application as soon as possible. Filing is a collaborative effort since the bylaws and mission come from us. Her comments and suggestions were easy to follow, which allowed us to turn around changes quickly and painlessly. Thanks to Deirdre’s diligence we received the status four months after filing the application.

    Lauren Muscarella | CEO, Trauma to Art, Inc.