A High-Tech Courtroom

The Commercial Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York is a high-tech courtroom. The courtroom has the latest technology, which helps cases proceed in an efficient manner. There are flat screen computer monitors in the jury box and on the witness stand. The judge’s bench and the counsel tables also have flat screen computer monitors and docking stations that enable the use of computers during the trial. The podium is electronic and allows the electronic presentation of evidence through a wireless communicator or by DC-ROM.

Real-time Court Reporting

Real-time court reporting is one of the state-of-the-art capabilities found in the Commercial Division courtroom. A voice-to-text transcript can be made instantly. A transcript can include a word index and an exhibit index. Electronic transcripts can be made and can be sent by secure e-mail.

Interactive Electronic Blackboard

The courtroom also contains an interactive “whiteboard,” instead of a blackboard. Drawings and documents can be viewed on the board, which has a touch-sensitive screen. It is possible to write or draw on the item that appears on the board. It is possible to print copies of the images on the screen.

Electronic Projector and Video Capability

The Commercial Division’s courtroom permits computer-generated animation to be shown in the courtroom. Attorneys use animation to reconstruct events and supplement the testimony heard in the trial.

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